Service Engineering Lab

The Service Engineering Lab in Venlo has been open since September 2018. The Lab is a physical space and a digital environment for students, businesses and teachers with methods and tools to achieve service innovation. An important element of a lab facility is that everything is innovative, inclusive and transformative. It is about practice-oriented experimenting.

The goal of the Service Engineering Lab is to facilitate companies and students in the design, improvement, testing, implementation and marketing of services. These service innovations can be part of the innovation process at one company or of the process in an ecosystem of companies.

The lab will be used by students working on assignments of companies. These might be cases that are part of the regular program, but also specific projects for internships and graduation projects. The sessions will be facilitated by lecturers, members of the Business Service Innovation (BSI) research group and external specialists. The lecturers get train-the-trainer courses to learn about the methods and tools.

The Lab is also available for companies. In the Lab we can organize service engineering sessions of companies that are facilitated by teachers, researchers and students of Fontys.

The researchers from the BSI research group will do research in the Lab. The BSI researchers focus on innovative research aimed at the transformation of the traditional business models of regionally relevant sectors into new business and revenue models. These experiences will be used in publications and for the further development of the Lab.

Research Group Business Service Innovation

The Service Engineering Lab is an initiative of the Business Service Innovation Research Group. The research group focuses on the importance of servitization in business and the relationship of servitization with the growth and development of companies.

Business Service Innovation

Fontys Centre of Expertise High Tech Systems and Materials

The combination of High Tech Systems and Marterials (HTSM) research, companies and young innovative engineers determines the future for all involved. Moreover, this group of students, schooled in the way industry thinks, forms a formidable labour potential. The economy thrives by it!

The focal points of the Centre of Expertise HTSM are:
- Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
- Agro Mechatronics
- Distributed Sensor Technology
- Robotics

Fontys International Business School

IB is a broad business study programme covering all departments of a company: from general management to human resources, marketing and finance. The programme aims at preparing you for a management position within an international business environment. Examples of projects you will work on are; writing a business plan for a company, managing the acquisition of a foreign company or advising organisations on whether to stay or leave a market. After your studies you will be able to either lead a company, manage one of its many departments or start up your own company.

Fontys Hogeschool Technics and Logistics

Fontys Hogeschool Techniek en Logistiek is one of the three insitutions of Fontys Venlo. It comprises different bachelor and master studies in Technics, Logistics and Computer Science. 

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